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S. Institutions Associations Congress Program Best Paper

Best Paper Awards

ICSG 2019 Congress Best Paper  Awards

The winners of the best paper will be formally announced during the closing ceremony.

The conference will offer the Best Paper Award to  three best papers.  Please read the guidelines below carefully;

The author of an awarded paper, and co-authors if any, will be entitled to:

Paper selection criteria;

Accepted Papers will be reviewed in three stages:

Paper Reviewer stage and recommendations: Reviewer recommendation for best paper awards is very important. When a paper submitted minimum 2 reviewers will evaluate a paper, average of total reviewer scores will be taken into consideration.

Paper Presentation stage:  session co-chairs will evaluate each presenter.

Best paper awards committees’ evaluation stage:  Best Paper awards committee will evaluate papers based on their technical merit, originality, potential impact on the field, practical significance of the applications, clarity of the written presentation  and quality of the oral presentation at the conference. Committee will consider only  ten papers  having the highest scores obtained by calculation of arithmetic average of review and presentation stage.

ICSG 2019   Best Paper Awards Committee

Prof. Dr. Cengiz TAPLAMACIOGLU, Gazi University

Prof. Dr. A. Yılmaz ÇAMURCU, FSM Vakıf University


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