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The Message of The President


As the advancements in the communication and computer technologies within the last decades of the twentieth century have affected the other fields of life in the following periods; not only production processes but also large-scale infrastructural systems have become increasingly automatized, the reflection of which process to the grid industries and large-scale infrastructural systems has brought such concepts as smart gird and smart systems into our lives. Hence; it has, now, become possible to manage and operate the systems, which were formerly operated mechanically and the monitoring of and interventions to which required manpower, remotely and through automated processes as they have been equipped with smart features by way of the utilization of advanced IT infrastructures and means of communication.


The transformation into smart systems, on which we have been working intensively, will enable all systems to be monitored and steered remotely, which will bring along a novel operating concept in respect of not only making of instantaneous decisions but also management of operational processes and the development of long term strategies and business plans. In today’s ever developing and advancing world, the level of chaos which rises increasingly and which is, thus, exposed to the significant risks of encountering major inefficiencies if not managed and handled properly; smartization, in fact, stands out as the key to managing this chaos and transformation at hand.


The smartization of the systems requires a vast transformation endeavor, which is to encompass not only the materials but also the very mentality, modus operandi and business management style. Therefore; it is essential for the actualization of transformation as optimally as possible that all stakeholders involved, who steer, execute and support that extensive transformation, should be able to act in cooperation and harmony.

What we aim to accomplish through the Smart Grids and Cities Congress and Fair is to contribute to this transformation, and both to raise the level of awareness and to lay the basis for the formation of a common mindset and language, bringing together all relevant stakeholders within the framework of a comprehensive portfolio of guests, attendants, visitors and exhibitors. I believe that the event, which was, in the early years, intended to create awareness and a common language, has, by now, attained such objective. The next phase should be supporting the creation and development of a common mindset. Therefore, I kindly invite all relevant stakeholders to bring their inputs for the congress and the fair we will be holding for the sixth time in 2018 with a view to serve this purpose and to smartize the systems of the future together.


Kind Regards,



Deputy Chairman, The Republic of Turkey, Energy Market Regulatory Authority

Chairman, ICSG Istanbul 2018 Congress and Fair